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Becoming a Member of
Our Creative Community

The Meeting Ground of Canadian Creators and Craftspeople

Art has always been at the heart of Simons' vocation. We launched Fabrique 1840 in 2018 because we wanted to increase its accessibility by showcasing the innovative, thoughtful, and engaging talent from across Canada.

Today, Fabrique 1840 by Simons is a growing community of several hundred creators and craftspeople nationwide. Our flourishing virtual platform contributes to the development of these artists' work by giving them access to a North American market and providing personalized expertise to help grow their online business.

Building on our reputation grounded in our exemplary customer service, we base each of our relationships on mutual respect and trust to allow our members to focus on their passion for creating.

Decor with Artisanal Pieces by Fabrique 1840
Fabrique 1840: The Meeting Ground of Canadian Creators and Craftspeople

The Benefits of Joining Us

The Benefits of Joining the Fabrique 1840 Community

How It Works

You first develop a selection of items to present at Fabrique 1840 in collaboration with our team.

Online release
You let our team manage the entire process of releasing your products online, including writing descriptions.

Brand image
You submit your photos, ensuring they meet our criteria (shared at the appropriate time), or use our internal photography service.

You benefit from our teams' expertise to showcase your creations and story on the right platform, at the right time.

• All orders are managed from our internal platform.
• You're responsible for shipping your products to our customers.
• Delivery times will be based on your production.

Are You a Customer?

Have you bought or would like to buy an online-only product at Simons or Fabrique 1840 and have questions?

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