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Become a Supplier
for Simons

A Story of Passion and Creativity Since 1840

Our love of fashion and people, our drive towards innovation, and the distinctive quality of our assortment are the cornerstones upon which we have built our reputation for the past five generations.

Faithful to our roots, we are proudly committed to providing our customers with personalized service, ensuring a rich, friendly, and unique shopping experience. Also, we pride ourselves in maintaining personal relationships with our partners founded upon values of respect, equality, and mutual trust. Stable, long-lasting partnerships combined with our desire to constantly innovate in all facets of our business are two of our strongest motivations and what fuels our creativity.

Simons' Green Leaf
Become a Supplier for Simons

Simons As It Stands Today

A strong presence with 17 stores located across Canada

Solidly positioned online thanks to,, and our social media accounts

Wow Digital Award

The only company to rank in the top 10 for the Best Online Customer Experience in Canada

—across all categories and industries—every year since the survey began

Simons As It Stands Today Has a Strong Presence with 17 Stores Across Canada
Simons As It Stands Today Has a Solid Position Online Thanks to,, and our Social Media Accounts

Our Precious Partners

At Simons, the quality of our assortment shows. We are proud to offer products to our customers that were meticulously chosen for their creativity and vision.

Some of our partners diversify what we offer in store, others produce the pieces of our exclusive collections, and still others enrich our online assortment with items available only online. In all of these cases, we celebrate the talented people who design, manufacture, dare, and innovate through our range of products.

Select partners working with our online-only program have the possibility of selling and shipping their items directly to our customers in a way that's simple and efficient using our website.

The benefits of collaborating with us

• Increased visibility for your brand online
• Access to a base of 75 million loyal customers across North America
• Simple to use and fully integrated into your systems
• Personalized working relationship
• Time-tested marketing tools
• Placement in our 17 stores across Canada

The Benefits of Collaborating with Us in our Online-Only Program at Simons

Online Only

As a business that never stops investing in the performance of its online platforms, we love meeting manufacturers and importers who share our values regarding innovation, quality, and customer care.

To our partners participating in our dropship program, we're proud to offer an online solution with the help of our adapted tools and services. From the management of prices to the operations of shipping and returns, all facets of your sales at Simons will be handled by our experts with the utmost respect of your business' reality, in order to establish a profitable and long-lasting relationship.

Join One of the Largest Retail Ecosystems and Online Shopping Destinations in Canada

Our Different Partnership Programs

Our Online-Only Partnership Programs at Simons

In Store

Our passion for beauty, our concern for quality, and our devotion to our customers influence our online assortment and what we sell in our 17 stores across Canada. Also, we're always looking for suppliers and manufacturers that share our values to integrate into our unique and in-demand selection.

Whether you offer your own line of products, or you collaborate to manufacture the pieces of our exclusive collections, we want to make space to display your work.

Our In-Store Partnership Program at Simons

At Fabrique 1840

Fabrique 1840 is a meeting place for Canadian craftspeople and creators, where art, ingenuity, and environmental responsibility are one and the same. Discover its unique program and join its community to inspire others with your talent.

Are You a Customer?

Have you bought or would like to buy an online-only product at Simons or Fabrique 1840 and have questions?

Simons' Green Leaf
Our Fabrique 1840 Partnership Program at Simons