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Patch-Pocket Plaid Shirt

Brown check shirt for women at Simons
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Slit-collar velvet blouse Slit-collar velvet blouse
Contemporaine exclusive

Slit-collar velvet blouse

$60.00 $24.95

Soft knit wide-leg pant Soft knit wide-leg pant
Contemporaine exclusive

Soft knit wide-leg pant

$79.00 $49.95

Vision Recycled polyester drawstring-waist puffer jacket Recycled polyester drawstring-waist puffer jacket
Contemporaine exclusive

Recycled polyester drawstring-waist puffer jacket

$260.00 $109.95

Natural beauty fleece sweatshirt Natural beauty fleece sweatshirt
Contemporaine exclusive

Natural beauty fleece sweatshirt

$50.00 $34.95

Vision Responsible merino hooded dress Responsible merino hooded dress
Contemporaine exclusive

Responsible merino hooded dress

$130.00 $79.95

Loose horizontal stripes sweater Loose horizontal stripes sweater
Contemporaine exclusive

Loose horizontal stripes sweater

$50.00 $34.95


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The perfect pair is waiting for you among our selection of incredible cuts, now offered at reduced prices!

Mavi jeans at reduced prices at Simons

Delightful Duos

Paired together, these pieces strike just the right note.

Coordinated cami and cardigan in lilac knit for women at Contemporaine

Timeless Styles

Love them today, wear them forever!

Our team's top picks for a wardrobe that stands out and stands the test of time.

Soft knit wide-leg pant for women by Contemporaine at Simons

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Edited modern fashion

Contemporaine meets the needs of the modern, authentic, and confident woman looking for a wardrobe that reflects who she is. Season after season, we edit the trends, offering her fashion solutions adapted to her active lifestyle that will stand the test of time. Our watchwords: Simplicity, versatility, and elegance.


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