Quiet Luxury

Minimalist lines that make a statement. Subtle colours that set the right tone. Sophisticated materials that were made with expert hands. A luxurious alliance is in the works this season, and an elegant tranquility is coming with it...

Quiet luxury : our selection of minimalist designer pieces for women and men at Simons

New Chapter

Our selection of written works presents gorgeous photos, fascinating stories, delicious recipes, and inspiring human encounters. Be transported through the pages of these books you'll love to revisit again and again.

Selection of books at Simons

On the Menu: Pastels

The new season is bringing soft and subtle pieces with it. Not only are muted hues the latest mainstays, they'll get your spirit soaring by evoking summer skies and refreshing ice cream flavours.

Selection of pastel-hued designer pieces for women and men at Simons

The label with the famous tiger logo is dominating the trends this spring season. Its stylish signature and colourful feline mascot are being featured on the luxurious essentials destined to become our mainstays.

Kenzo women's and men's collections at Simons

The label created by Charaf Tajer brilliantly fuses luxury and leisure in a calculated balance of elegance and comfort that redefines the meaning of après-sport. Sunny, exotic, and colourful, its spring/summer collection evokes the dreamy feeling of faraway islands and vacations that never end.

A Modern Kind of Alchemy

Since 2015, self-taught perfumer Patrick Kelly has offered refined perfumes that are complex, long-lasting, and made with nothing other than natural ingredients.

To formulate his fragrances, Patrick draws inspiration from ancient, esoteric traditions that he reinterprets in a contemporary way. The result? Peerless perfumes that perfectly combine the sensorial with the intangible.

Transcending beyond traditional gendered fragrances, his unisex elixirs are designed to bring out the masculine and feminine in every human being.

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