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Legends of the Fall


Spotlight on the Latest Designer Drops

As the saffron evening paints itself across the sky, today's top designers are sharing their fashion dreams for the new season.

Plush materials and cocoon-like silhouettes set the tone in singular shades for a fall that promises to be big and bold.

Nanushka Lumy botanical pattern top at Édito Simons
Ami de Coeur bright mini-logo sweatshirt at Édito Simons
Marni assembled mixed pattern sweater at Édito Simons
Helmut Lang terry knit polo at Édito Simons

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In-Demand Designers

Sheer pattern top Sheer pattern top
Eckhaus Latta

Sheer pattern top


Checkered flannel shirt Checkered flannel shirt

Checkered flannel shirt


Boccaccio II boots Women Boccaccio II boots Women

Boccaccio II boots


Topstitched knit sweater Topstitched knit sweater
MM6 Maison Margiela

Topstitched knit sweater


Ami de Cœur cashmere sweater Ami de Cœur cashmere sweater

Ami de Cœur cashmere sweater


Small Origami tote Small Origami tote

Small Origami tote


Wool straight-fit coat Wool straight-fit coat

Wool straight-fit coat


Utilitarian shirtdress Utilitarian shirtdress
Victoria Beckham

Utilitarian shirtdress


Jacquard llama sweater Jacquard llama sweater

Jacquard llama sweater


Vision Larry Bauhaus flightsuit Larry Bauhaus flightsuit
Rick Owens

Larry Bauhaus flightsuit


Two-tone rugby polo Two-tone rugby polo

Two-tone rugby polo


Combat Liner diamond quilted jacket Combat Liner diamond quilted jacket

Combat Liner diamond quilted jacket


Glossy fabric quilted hat Glossy fabric quilted hat

Glossy fabric quilted hat


Zip collar signature sweatshirt Zip collar signature sweatshirt

Zip collar signature sweatshirt