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Safe ingredients, honest processes, eco-friendly packaging, this company from Maine offers meticulously made products for your hair and body care that are naturally efficient.

Firsthand Supply

Moisturizing shampoo

Firsthand Supply at Rituels | Simons


This San Francisco brand has raised the standard with its natural and high-quality hair care designed with the environment in mind.

Hanz de Fuko at Rituels | Simons

at Rituels

Say hello to our exclusive line's
two new arrivals: hand cleansing
gel and natural deodorant!

Find them alongside our other quality care products, all made using plant-based ingredients for a natural and healthy routine.


Natural deodorant


Hand cleansing gel


Refreshing Mask Spray

Purifying and fresh, it lets you breathe easily while reinvigorating your senses thanks to its lavender and tea tree essential oils.

Way of Will

Tea tree and lavender refreshing mask spray

Refreshing mask spray by Way of Will at Rituels | Simons

To help keep your hands happy

Not a Hair
Out of Place

Enhance your hair's texture and hold with high-quality products, elaborately made to give body and nourishment to your everyday dos.

Our favourites for a well-groomed beard

The Australian Collection

The next generation of natural care: sophisticated, modern, and professional.

Grown Alchemist | Rituels | Simons

Our Best Sellers

Homegrown Products

Quality men's care that's locally made with passion and commitment using effective natural ingredients.

Our Top Categories

Model T Chrome Safety Razor

Rockwell presents its intuitive and easy-to-use razor for a close and comfortable shave.

Zero plastic waste, zero irritation: the greatest razor any man could ask for!

Its adjustable dial accomodates different skin types and beard lengths for an experience that's tailored to you.

Its perfectly sharp blade glides effortlessly over skin, preventing ingrown hairs and razor burn.

Its textured handle, elegant and functional, offers a sturdy grip for maximum precision.

The Classics

The New Names On The Block

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Refined Men's Care

Traditional shaving products, personal care, and durable accessories that are useful and look good for guys who value quality, whether they spend their time in the woods or at the office (or both).

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