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Your Zen Space

Natural materials are making themselves at home
in your decor and filling your bedroom with a soothing atmosphere that will put your body,
mind, and soul at ease.

Simons Maison Exclusive

Washed linen and cotton duvet cover set

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Washed linen and cotton duvet cover set by Simons Maison

Earthy-stripe towels

Easy on the planet and easy on your body, organic cotton is a top choice for your home. Adopt it in warm shades to create a soothing atmosphere and be at one with nature.

Earthy-Stripe Organic Cotton Towels by Citta Design at Simons Maison

Eco-Friendly Comfort

Enjoy a beautiful night's sleep with the Boreal duvet! This soft style that's conscious of the environment is made of organic cotton and certified responsible duck down.

Simons Maison Exclusive

Boreal duvet

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Boreal duvet by Simons Maison

Eco-Friendly Packaging

Did you know? A selection of our exclusive bedding styles now come in a matching bag.

Use it for your lunch, to store your shoes, or to do your shopping!

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