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Free shipping over $50 for The Simons members
& Easy returns: $9.99 flat fee (exceptions may apply)


Our return policy is constantly evolving, allowing us to respond to changing social and environmental realities in a responsible way while keeping your complete satisfaction as our highest priority.



It's easy: just submit a return request online to receive a return label by email. Once you print and attach the label to your package, you can bring it to your local post office.

Please note that a US$9.99 flat fee applies to returns, and that returns totalling less than US$10.00 are not accepted on our website.

**A return surcharge may apply to items based on their size, weight, or the distance they must travel. These fees are in addition to the US$9.99 base fee.

Dividing line

Return Policy

If you are not fully satisfied with the items you purchased, you may return them in their original condition and receive a full refund, except in the situations mentioned below.

Shipping fees are non-refundable. The same is true for shipping surcharges applied to certain items based on their size, weight, or destination.

A US$9.99 flat fee (excluding the applicable surcharges for certain items) will be applied to all returns from the United States.
Return requests totalling less than US$10 will not be accepted.

Return surcharges: A surcharge may apply to certain items based on their size, weight, or the distance they must travel. These fees are in addition to the US$9.99 base fee. If surcharges apply, it will be indicated in the item's product description. The total fees will appear when placing the return request and will depend on the items selected and the number of units returned.

Excessive returns: To ensure our customers always have a smooth and enjoyable shopping experience, we monitor return activities. In case of excess returns or fraud, we reserve the right to apply a 20% restocking fee, or to limit or refuse a return request. If a restocking fee is applied, you will receive a notification when your return request is created.

Regularly priced items must be returned within 30 days of receiving your order.
Items on sale must be returned within 10 days.
The Simons members enjoy an extension for the return of regularly priced items according to their tier.


Non-refundable items: Some items are ineligible for a refund or exchange, both in store and online, because of their weight, size, or the nature of their content. These items are indicated as a “non-refundable item.”

Additional gift boxes are non-refundable.

Online-only items, with the exception of those identified as ineligible for a return, can be returned, but only via our website.

Refund Procedure

All refunds are processed using the same payment method that was used during the initial transaction. The funds are transferred within 3 days of the confirmation of the refund.