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The Beauty of Nature

Beneficial for our bodies, precious to the Earth.

In our small jars, let's choose eco-friendly formulas made from natural and organic ingredients. Let's be part of the shift towards glowing skin and a healthy planet!

Exfoliating vegan seaweed block by Haeckels at Simons

Revolutionizing Hydration

Enjoy fresh, clean, and delicious water at all times with the eco-friendly OVOPUR dispenser, an innovative Canadian design that's elegant and efficient.

Its innovative ovoid shape promotes the movement and regeneration of water, while its top-quality filtration elements effectively eliminate chemical and organic pollutants in your drinking water. Its green technology uses gravity to revitalize tap water by mimicking the natural underground filtration cycle.

Crafted from fine materials and handmade by qualified craftsmen, the OVOPUR
unit is a functional work of art that will help you to make water the centre of your life and health once again!

Discover Phantom I

The Parisian brand puts forth high-end, ultra-dense sound with more power, clarity, and precision than any other wireless speaker from infrabass to the most extreme treble.

Phantom I speaker by Devialet at Simons

With its new intelligent Devialet processor and superior user experience, including a remote, it's the perfect combination of next-level technologies, elevated design, and ease of use.


Scandinavian Design

Much more than a design trend, Scandinavian style embodies a lifestyle focused on wellness. Trace the origins of this highly coveted Nordic movement and discover our team's favourite collections!

Founded in 1643, Cire Trudon is the oldest active candlemaker in the world! Today, each candle is made in the company's workshops in Normandy using expert skills passed down from master candlemakers.

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