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Logo Marimekko

Famous designer Maija Isola produced the Ralli as well as
the iconic Unikko pattern in the 1960s. Today, these prints
have been recoloured and superimposed over each other
in a collection that's bursting with joie de vivre.

Marimekko at Édito Lifestyle by Simons
Logo Tekla

The bedding items from this Copenhagen company
fill your room with peace and tranquility.

Made of superior-quality linen, they stand out due to their breathability and delicate textures.

Their extra-long threads ensure that
they are exceptionally durable.

Tekla at Édito Lifestyle by Simons
Tekla at Édito Lifestyle by Simons
Logo Liberty

Beautifully refined, the stationery items from this prestigious London print house bring the everyday into bloom.

Liberty at Édito Lifestyle by Simons
logo Steamery

Extend the life of your clothes with a steamer
by this cutting-edge Scandinavian company.
Chic and well designed, it beautifully
removes wrinkles and freshens your textiles.


Cirrus No. 3 handheld steamer

Steamery at Édito Lifestyle by Simons
Logo Ann Demeulemeester- Serax

The design house is showcasing the talents of
Ann Demeulemeester, a famous fashion designer
whose work is inspired by the play of light and shadow.

Ann Demeulemeester - Serax at Édito Lifestyle by Simons