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Neon embroidered logo tuque US$35.00
Tommy Hilfiger
Zebra red tuque US$99.00
PS Paul Smith
Byron cuff tuque US$40.00
Urban earmuffs US$30.00
Le 31
Twisted cable tuque US$20.00 US$14.99
Le 31
Confetti knit tuque US$35.00 US$24.95
Coated logo tuque US$40.00 US$9.99
Calvin Klein
Editor's pick
Ribbed workwear tuque US$19.00
Signature lettering cuff tuque US$25.00
Adidas Originals
Old school pompom tuque US$30.00 US$14.99
Adidas Originals
Logo emblem cuffed tuque US$30.00
The North Face
Retro '90s pompom tuque US$25.00 US$9.99

Men's tuques from Simons

Few accessories are more essential for a Canadian winter than a high-quality tuque. But this headwear is rarely worn for warmth alone. Instead, it has grown beyond its original functional use to become a fashion staple in its own right. In fact, tuques now attract the attention of some of the best labels and brands in the business, so it's no surprise that they have multiplied into countless styles, varieties, colours, and materials. Shop our diverse curated collection to find out how you can keep your style statement sizzling hot even when the temperature drops below zero. 

What is your hat made from?

Known as tuques, knit caps, and beanies depending on where in the world you are, these winter-ready hats share a common design feature: head-hugging warmth and coziness. That means you should pay close attention to material composition as well as aesthetics. For example, high-quality wool weaves usually offer the best possible insulation and temperature regulation for supremely cold days, whereas acrylic tuques are generally lightweight and easier to clean. Cotton offers the best of both worlds, as do blends of wool, acrylic, and natural fibres such as alpaca. 

Send out strong style signals

Tuques are all about conspicuous style. After all, this is headwear we're talking about: it'll likely be the most noticeable part of your overall style statement. Fortunately, our selection is made up of fresh new designs from the fashion brands you know and love. That includes a series of classic streetwear styles from Canadian brand Herschel—all of which are cuffed for extra warmth—and a wide range of genre-spanning tuques from our very own Le 31 label. So pick out the piece that will speak to your personality and accentuate your favourite cold-weather ensembles time and again. 

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