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Go After Your Goals

Acclimatize yourself to the changing seasons with the right kind of training gear: long sleeves, stretch pants, breathable leggings...

I.FIV5 exclusive

Articulated-leg multisport pant

Men's long-sleeved fitted sports t-shirt at Simons
Ultra-stretch running pants for men at Simons

Fleece + Nylon

Our thermal and technical fabrics are the warm, comfy solution to all your chilly problems. Bring them with you on your walks!

I.FIV5 exclusive

Eco-friendly mixed media polar fleece jacket

Men's nylon insert fleece jacket

i.FiV5 is more than just a logo.

It's a victory cry, a celebration of personal improvement, but above all else, it's the mutual desire to see others succeed.

I.FIV5 exclusive

i.FiV5 logo T-shirt

I.FiV5 logo t-shirts for men at Simons

Super soft jerseys, lightweight microfibres, and stretch fabrics with reflective details: make our essentials your fundamentals this season.

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The i.FiV5 Mat

Your goals are our priority.
Get your stretches and yoga poses down pat with the new i.FiV5
exercise mat.

The yoga mat and its strap signed i.FiV5 at Simons
Super Practical Shorts

Three styles, three perks, three reasons to adopt them today.

The Featherweight

Light ? Stretchy ? A multi-sport favourite

I.FIV5 exclusive

7" featherweight woven short

The 2-in-1

Soft ? Supportive ? Offers full coverage

I.FIV5 exclusive

Stretch-weave 2-in-1 short

The Biker Short

Fitted ? Moisture-wicking
Features a practical pocket

I.FIV5 exclusive

Functional athletic long short

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Men's blue tie-dye tank top Men's pale green t-shirt Burgundy t-shirt and 2-in-1 shorts with integrated bib shorts
blue background

Find emerging, totally on-trend collections at i.FiV5! Every single thing you find here has been dutifully selected for its careful attention to detail, its fearless approach to fashion, or its mastery of streamlined design.

The favorite sports brands of i.FiV5 at Simons
vuori logo

Untethered by the limits of traditional training gear, Vuori is the future of superior-quality performance wear.

Vuori's The Rise The Shine sports t-shirt available at Simons
Reigning Champ

Location: Vancouver, BC
Philosophy: a respect for detail and a mastery
of the art of simplicity.
What they offer: durable construction and unique materials that are unbeatably comfy.

Reigning Champ orange long-sleeve sports t-shirt at Simons

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Performance, adventure, adrenaline—welcome to the high-octane world of i.FiV5 for men. Discover our activewear section where we welcome today's top labels as well as our highly competitive private capsule collections.

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