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Fringes are Always a Win!

Whether they're knotted, braided, or fine, they add a beautiful border and authentic charm to every rug.

Faded ornaments rug
Faded ornaments rug
Tufted stripes rug
Ode to summer heathered rug

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The Boho Lab

This Canadian brand aims to revolutionize the handmade Moroccan rug industry, while also weaving style, quality, and tradition together. They create unique and eco-friendly products that do not require any industrial manufacturing.

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Ma Poésie


Your Decor, Pure Poetry

Like the verses of a poem, these tufted wool rugs will speak colours and abstract patterns into your home. Interpreting mystical narratives inspired by nomadic cultures, the dreamlike prose of their designs delivers an eclectic atmosphere overflowing with captivating metaphors.

Nighttime abstract village rug
Daytime abstract village rug
Captivating geometry terracotta rug
Blue and green captivating geometry rug

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Cozy Composition

Made of handwoven wool, this tufted rug featuring contrasting abstract shapes is the modern way to decorate.

Two-tone abstraction rug
Two-tone abstraction rug
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Canadian designers and creators are dedicated to crafting small wonders of design and innovation to make your everyday more authentic and beautiful.

Fabrique 1840, home of Canadian Artisan