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Chasing Butterflies

The rarest, most special specimens are:
• mesh • bustier • lace-up
Net them before they flutter away!


Aquarelle butterflies mesh dress

Dresses at Simons
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Twik: Your Number Ones

Ruched linen babydoll dress Ruched linen babydoll dress
Twik exclusive

Ruched linen babydoll dress


Vision Denim mom short Denim mom short
Twik exclusive

Denim mom short


Pocket carpenter's T-shirt Pocket carpenter's T-shirt

Pocket carpenter's T-shirt


Airy pleated skirt Airy pleated skirt
Twik exclusive

Airy pleated skirt


Vision Accent-bow gaucho jumpsuit Accent-bow gaucho jumpsuit
Twik exclusive

Accent-bow gaucho jumpsuit


Vision Baggy solid recycled polyester shirt Baggy solid recycled polyester shirt
Twik exclusive

Baggy solid recycled polyester shirt


Vision Organic cotton denim high-waisted short Organic cotton denim high-waisted short
Twik exclusive

Organic cotton denim high-waisted short


Vision Boxy cropped T-shirt Boxy cropped T-shirt
Twik exclusive

Boxy cropped T-shirt


Festivals Upon Festivals

Got any outfits picked out?
If not, here are a few ideas to get you started (on us)..

The cargo pant with a mini top

The checkerboard print on a cropped shirt

Out-of-focus flowers on a mesh tee

beige background with plant
Cargo Pant at Simons
Checkerboard at Simons
Floral print at Simons

Gobsmacking jeans.
Mind-boggling hues.
Eye-popping patterns.

Everything about this British brand just... clicks!

The Ragged Priest at Simons
New Drops
The Ragged Priest logo
Chain and cutout tank Chain and cutout tank
The Ragged Priest

Chain and cutout tank


Baggy green and brown striped tee Baggy green and brown striped tee
The Ragged Priest

Baggy green and brown striped tee


Circle-layered dad jean Circle-layered dad jean
The Ragged Priest

Circle-layered dad jean


Pink flowers and chain cardigan Pink flowers and chain cardigan
The Ragged Priest

Pink flowers and chain cardigan


Breathtaking dresses, wow-worthy accessories, and fabulous footwear that'll live up to the hype of this momentous occasion.

Prom at Simons

Oh My, is that

Yin and yang are in perfect harmony on this colourful, happy-go-lucky print.

Simons exclusive


Save 50%
Tie-Dye Print

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Fab and fun. That's what Twik is. A personalized space that's brave and edgy built for those who aren't afraid to pave the way. A label made to reflect the busy, action-packed lifestyle of the young woman who's socially engaged and perfectly informed.