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Summer Edition

Camis, dresses, skirts, shorts > everything else
They're the greatest thing to wear when the sun's out and shining.

A young woman wears a floral sleeveless jacket
A young woman wears a white peasant skirt
A young woman wears a floral blouse and denim shorts
A young woman wears a blue paisley patterned dress

Our Categories in Brief

Your Number Ones

The Brands on Our Radar

Prom Night

Breathtaking dresses, wow-worthy accessories, and fabulous footwear for a night you won't forget.

A young woman and young men dressed for their prom night

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Fab and fun. That's what Twik is. A personalized space that's brave and edgy, built for those who aren't afraid to pave the way. A label made to reflect the busy, action-packed lifestyle of the young woman who's socially engaged and perfectly informed.