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Bio-Based Materials and Fibres: From Biomass to Our Closets

One way to address the environmental issues caused by the extraction of fossil resources is to use bio-based components as an alternative to petroleum-based ones in synthetic fabrics and materials such as polyester and acetate.

When referring to a material, the term bio-based means it is partly or entirely made with resources from agricultural, agri-food, and residual biomass such as organic waste and wastewater.

Whether partially or entirely made with such resources, bio-based materials are a way to upcycle biomass and reduce our dependence on oil.

Sorona® Bio-Based Polyester

The Sorona® bio-based polyester in our assortment is made of 37% renewable, plant-based materials. Compared to conventional nylon, it requires 30% less energy to produce. It also generates fewer carbon emissions and helps reduce the use of fossil resources.

Bio-acetate is made from natural and renewable sources such as wood or cotton fibres. It is also made using plant-based binders and dyes rather than petroleum-based ones.

This durable type of acetate is much better for the environment.