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Jeanologia™ EIM Score

Starting from the principle that the best way to improve is by measuring its efforts, Jeanologia™ created a scoring software that measures the environmental impact of garments' finishing processes. Specifically designed for the clothing industry, the EIM score provides laundries and garment finishers with a tool that helps them build more sustainable processes. It's also a way to better understand the environmental impact of a product's finishing processes at all its levels.1

- Its water consumption, measured in litres of water per garment produced. The total consumption will be the result of the quantity of water used in each step in the process.

- Its energy consumption: EIM takes into consideration the mechanical energy, needed to run the machines and other tools, and the caloric energy, needed to heat the water and air during the washing steps.

- Its use of chemical products: EIM punishes the use of more pollutant chemicals, no matter the quantity of product used. The chemical products are classified as chemicals of high, medium, or low impact to the environment following the self-classification system defined by TEGEWA.

- Its impact on the health of workers during the finishing operations and the handling of chemical products.

Teflon EcoElite™ Treatment

The Teflon EcoElite™ finish is a bio-based and non-fluorinated technology approved by bluesign® that repels water and water-based stains.2 It's the first plant-based water repellency treatment. The finish can be applied to a variety of fabrics without impacting feel or breathability. It's composed of 60% renewably sourced raw materials.

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Vision Green Background

2 bluesign® is an independent verification label that guarantees eco-friendly, transparent, and sustainable textile production. It aims to eliminate the use of harmful products at each step of the manufacturing process. To learn more: