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Strongly committed to our green DNA, at Simons, we're also proud of our position at the heart of the Canadian landscape. From our very first store on Côte de la Fabrique in 1840 to today, our passion for shining a light on local fashion and talent has only grown stronger.

In a country chock-full of talented and innovative creators, we consider it crucial for a company like ours to encourage making things in Canada and to give pride of place to products and businesses from here.

It's a way to stimulate the local economy and to help entrepreneurs from our provinces thrive. When you choose a product that was made in Canada, you're also choosing to help the environment by significantly reducing the carbon footprint linked to, amongst other things, the transportation of merchandise.

A Meeting Ground for Canadian Designers and Makers

With the mission to put forward the unique know-how of artisans from here, Simons launched Fabrique 1840 in 2018, making it easier for the public to shop smarter by offering them unique items and original gift ideas that were made responsibly with natural, ethical, and durable materials.