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Reducing Our Environmental Footprint

We're paying particular attention to decreasing our CO2 emissions and our water consumption. For several years now, we've been improving the contents of our assortment and making changes, aiming to reduce our environmental impact in regard to our distribution and infrastructure.

Since 2015 | Installation of LED lighting in all our new stores, reducing electricity consumption by 40%

50% reduction in carbon emissions related to shipping by shifting from road to rail transportation

2018 | Our Galeries de la Capitale store in Quebec City became the first net-zero energy consumption store in Canada, producing over 1 million kWH of solar energy annually, enough to power 50 homes

Supporting Environmental Causes

We regularly collaborate with organizations fighting to preserve the most precious things on Earth: plants and animals. Whether we're helping to protect tiny worker bees, huge polar mammals, or our vast Canadian landscapes, every cause that we support is one we hold close to our hearts.

Exclusive Twik collection to help protect polar bears and save the sea ice

Exclusive and eco-friendly collection supporting CPAWS in their fight to protect Canadian natural habitats. Thanks to our Creating an Echo collection, we were able to raise $20,700 for the organization.

Installation of urban beehives on four of our stores' roofs, which allowed us to produce over 60 kg of honey

Offering a Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Selection

The more seasons go by, the faster we evolve in developing eco-friendly products for our private labels. We are proud of the fashion that we make. We want to find the best green solutions for our materials and products, while always keeping the goal of reducing our environmental footprint in mind.

Began using organic cotton in our private labels in 2006

Began using recycled polyester in our private labels in 2015

Began offering forest-conscious TENCELTM Lyocell in 2015

Recycled over 1.2 million plastic bottles thanks to our REPREVE® polyester
program, which has saved more than 104,000 litres of water, 73 barrels of oil,
and 32,000 kg in CO2 emissions

Because it's essential to surround yourself with inspiring models, we are placing a growing emphasis on brands that are committed to saving the environment. Tentree, Upcycle, and Arvin Goods are a few of the eco-friendly collections that appear in our assortment every season.

Expanding our selection of reusable products to help eliminate single-use plastics

Partnership with the Canopy organization since 2014 to help protect ancient and endangered forests

Encouraging Circularity

We regularly encourage eco-friendly initiatives in our offices, warehouses, and 15 store locations. Raising environmental awareness amongst our customers and employees is essential.

Offering our customers quality pieces in order to help them consume less and better

Waste collection and recycling in all our stores, offices, and in our warehouse

Recycling program for nylons in store in collaboration with Swedish Stockings

Vision was established on these solid foundations. In order to align ourselves with the objectives of the Paris Agreement on climate change that aim to limit the rise in global temperatures to 1.5°C before 2050, we are committing ourselves to doing better than yesterday and more than today in order to substantially reduce our environmental impact before 2025.