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Softness Straight From Italy

Flashy wool, fuzzy mohair, silky cashmere: the divine quality of our knits will fill your life with warmth and sophistication.


Solid alpaca wool tuque

Alpaca wool accessories for women

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Warm Knits

Cozy wool pieces that'll keep you toasty once the temperature starts to drop.

All our gift ideas, meticulously reunited in one spot to make your holidays a breeze and bring joy to your loved ones!

Holiday Shop

A Sleighful of Socks

This year, Santa is delivering warm knits,
playful prints, and seasonal hues.

Knitted socks for women at Simons

It's All In The Details

With their front seam, these pantyhose lengthen your silhouette and are a perfect fit for your chic fall dresses.

Pantyhose for women at Simons

Made in the image of the latest trends, this sublime jewellery collection made of 100% stainless steel is great for sensitive skin and never loses its lustre, even when worn in the shower!

Hey Harper stainless steel jewellery at Simons

Ring In The Holidays

Add a little glitter and glam to your everyday with these beloved earrings, available in mini and oversized formats.

Jenny Bird hoops at Simons

Giant Chains

Oversized chain necklaces are today's trendiest accessory. Layer them over your favourite sweaters for an impeccably stylish look.

Oversized Chains at Simons

Just-For-You Jewellery

Sterling silver

Precious yet affordable, this metal tarnishes more easily than gold. In order to conserve its beauty, avoid all contact with water and put on your jewellery after having applied your makeup and beauty products.

Stainless steel

Completely hypoallergenic, it's a great match for sensitive skin. Being very durable, it doesn't tarnish or rust, requires little care, and can be worn in water as well as while you're working out and exercising.

Solid gold

This precious metal renowned for its excellent quality, prestige, and long-lasting allure is also soft, and therefore more fragile. To care for your pieces of jewellery, scrub them with a small, soft-bristled brush using lukewarm water and a gentle soap that's detergent free.

Sterling silver, stainless steel and solid gold jewellery at Simons
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