A family company that for over 70 years has been passionate about producing innovative clothing with cutting-edge technology for those who love the great outdoors.

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Lake 22 down 3/4 puffer jacket $200.00 US$149.95
Autumn Park cozy-collar puffer jacket $210.00 US$119.95
Puffect 3/4 lightweight puffer jacket $150.00 US$99.95
Pike Lake maxi puffer jacket $190.00 US$119.95
Little Si flap pocket parka $250.00 US$119.95
Whirlibird 3-in-1 coat
Active fit
$220.00 US$169.95
Nylon-pocket plush sweatshirt $69.00 US$49.95
Pompom ribbed tuque $40.00 US$24.95
Mini-cable tuque US$35.00

Columbia Sportswear for Women

Get ready to discover our selection of Columbia jackets for women! The world-renowned company strives to develop new, competitive technology and to offer high-quality products. Whatever the season, Columbia has your back. On the coldest, harshest days of winter, Columbia winter jackets offer optimal protection. And during warm summer days or heat waves, its summer items provide superior breathability.

Columbia products are synonymous with durability and versatility. The American brand also offers athletic or casual clothes. Our favourite item? The Columbia dress. It is comfortable, light, and absolutely pretty! You'll love to wear it on your daily outings. 

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