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Tips and Tricks


  • Cotton

    A soft, flexible, and comfortable fabric, cotton is highly air permeable. It allows skin to breathe while trapping air that's been warmed by the body.

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  • Polyester

    Polyester is a synthetic fibre that retains heat very well and that dries quickly. We find it primarily in tights.

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  • Wool

    Wool is an excellent thermal insulator because it can hold up to 80% air. Also, it releases heat slowly and protects the body against drops in temperature. 

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  • Polypropylene

    Polypropylene is a synthetic fibre. It is durable, waterproof, and flexible. It is often combined with nylon and elastane. 

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  • Elastane

    Also called Lycra or Spandex, this elastic fibre has the remarkable ability to stretch and resume its shape. Besides being extremely comfortable, this material is 2 to 3 times more resistant than polyamide. 

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  • Nylon

    Also called polyamide, nylon is the fabric historically used in making tights. A synthetic fibre that's very resistant to friction and wear, it is also very elastic, giving it great protective properties.

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The opacity of your hosiery

  • What is a denier?

    The denier allows you to determine how fine your hosiery is. This number is the fabric's unit of weight. Therefore, the lower the number, the finer and sheerer the hosiery will be. Conversely, the higher the number is, the thicker, warmer, and more opaque the hosiery will be. 

  • Nylons

    10 to 19 DENIERS

    • Ultra-fine nylons

    • Extremely light and subtle hose for beautiful, natural-looking legs

    20 to 29 DENIERS

    • Fine nylons

    • Sheer hose that's perfect to wear everyday 

    30 to 40 DENIERS

    • Semi-transparent nylons

    • A mid-season must that still shows off skin 


  • Tights

    41 to 59 DENIERS


    • Semi-opaque nylons

    • Skin is slightly visible, perfect for fall 

    60 to 89 DENIERS


    • Opaque tights

    • Thick and warm, perfect for winter 

    90 to 120 DENIERS

    • Ultra-opaque tights

    • Perfect for keeping your legs warm on cold days


Find the perfect pair

  • Types of panty

    Reinforced panty 

    • Offers durability without additional support

    • Has a higher denier than the leg 

    Control top 


    • Slimming effect for a streamlined look

    • Has a higher denier than the leg 



    Sheer to waist

    • Uniform look from top to bottom

    • Denier is the same as the leg 

    No waistband 


    • Easy and superior comfort all day long

    • Doesn't pinch or leave marks on the skin 


  • Types of toes

    Invisible toe 

    • Perfect to wear with sandals

    • Denier is the same as the leg 



    Reinforced toe 

    • Shaded toe that has enhanced durability

    • Has a higher denier
    than the leg 

    Open toe 


    • Perfect for peep-toe shoes


  • Lengths

    Ankle socks 


    • Sheer

    • Perfect under casual
    or dress pants 





    • Elastic top band that prevents them from rolling down without being too tight

    • Perfect under casual
    or dress pants 




    • Silicone-lined top band that stays on the thigh perfectly

    • Complete comfort for those who don't like feeling constricted at the waist



Care tips

To make your nylons and tights last as long as possible...

  • Preparation

    After buying them, soak your hosiery in water and then let them dry flat. This technique makes them last longer and makes the fibres more resistant. 

  • Regular washing

    It's preferable to wash nylons and tights by hand. However, you can also place them in a laundry bag and machine-wash them on a delicate cycle.

  • Drying

    Always dry them flat in order to maximize their durability and avoid causing runs. 

  • Daily care

    While putting them on, it's recommended to wear thin gloves to avoid runs. It's important to begin slipping them on from the toe and to then smooth them while pulling them on up to the upper thigh. Also, pay attention that your rings and nails don't create runs.

Did you know?


    • The gusset is le piece of fabric sewn into the crotch. It provides a better fit and makes the hosiery more comfortable. Also, if it's made of cotton, you can wear your hosiery without underwear.

    • Flat seams are invisible under clothing and also do not leave marks on your skin.

    • To make your stay-ups sticky again, wipe the silicone with a cotton ball soaked in rubbing alcohol. They'll be as good as new.

    • If you have a run in your nylons, you can stop it using clear nail polish.