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Miiyu par Simons - feminine lingerie and loungewear

Unbelievably Feminine

Re-embrace the familiar comfort of luxurious weaves and the everlasting allure of lace bodysuits.


Mysterious lace bodysuit

Mysterious lace bodysuit for women by Miiyu at Simons

Eternal Elegance

Let yourself be seduced by the timeless vertical stripes that outline our nightshirts...

... and discover landscapes dotted with floral motifs in a range of contrasting colours.

Blue-toned stripe robe for women by Miiyu at Simons
Vertical stripe organic cotton nightshirt for women by Miiyu at Simons

Our Top Categories

Boho Voyage

Inspired by the arid beauty of nature,
this collection delivers airy numbers in ultra-lightweight weaves.

Boho Voyage, loungewear for women by Miiyu x Twik at Simons

Wise Resolutions

In good conscience, choose a brand that prioritizes the use of eco-friendly materials.

Araks underwear for women at Miiyu
Skin loungewear for women at Miiyu

Today's In-Demand Brands

Plush Slippers

Sturdy enough to be worn as a statement outside, soft (and warm) enough to be worn for leisure around the house.

Fuzz slide slippers for women by Steve Madden at Miiyu
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