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My Heart, My Cause

2 Aug 2022

Simons is proud to present the fifth edition of My Heart, My Cause. This collaboration spotlights local talent by printing their works of art on T-shirts. For every T-shirt sold, $10 will be donated to one of the three charitable causes chosen by the Canadian artists who created these stunning illustrations.

Symbiose, by Sophie Plouffe-Landry

Relationships are at the very heart of the creative process for Sophie Plouffe-Landry, a socially involved and visionary artist based in Quebec. These relationships include those between the various shapes and colours she explores and works with to create cohesion, as well as those that punctuate and mark her own life over time. Using her imagination, she designs captivating and colourful creations that feature contrasting geometric figures.

With Symbiose, Sophie Plouffe-Landry wishes to remind us of collectivity's power and the strength of a single shape created from such a perspective, although contrasts may be at its core. We perceive this voluntary dichotomy through the coexistence of the piece's colours and lines.

Inspired by her grandmother Louise who taught her the inestimable value of helping your neighbour, the artist has chosen to donate to Le Pignon Bleu, a community organization that assists with food security and the development of children and families in need in Quebec City. For over thirty years, it has helped to build a more just and supportive society where everyone can grow and fully succeed.

Réflexion, by Rosalie Lemire 

If the little things in life and the everyday are major sources of inspiration to Rosalie Lemire, the importance of maintaining a healthy and positive relationship with our body image is what gives this artist the fresh, creative boost she needs. Drawing on an eclectic blend of themes including nature, travel, and feminism, she envisions works that celebrate differences and promote self-acceptance.

Echoing what motivates and drives Rosalie Lemire to create, Réflexion is a feminist exploration of mental health, resilience, and the inner strength we all have that allows us to fully embrace our individuality.

The artist has chosen to donate to Relief - the path of mental health, an organization that supports people living with anxiety, depression, and bipolarity, as well as their loved ones. Their mission is to equip and support them on their journey towards better self-management of their mental health and to allow them to continue to move forward.

Kaleidoscope, by Kirsten Bollen

Canadian artist and designer Kirsten Bollen draws her artistic inspiration from nature. Known for her colourful minimalist designs, she creates works of art that duplicate the colours, shapes, and textures found in the great outdoors. Her goal? To evoke an emotional response in the viewer as they apply their own connections and experiences to the piece.

Inspired by dazzling Lake Louise situated in Banff National Park, Bollen's artwork, entitled Kaleidoscope, captures and conveys the mesmerizing and serene atmosphere of the location—one of the artist's favourites—with its bright colours and the majestic mountains that are reflected in the ethereal water.

Donations from the sale of Bollen's piece will naturally go towards the only Canadian charity dedicated to protecting our public lands, freshwater, and oceans: Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society (CPAWS). Working in a way that respects the sovereignty and leadership of Indigenous nations, CPAWS is focused on conserving nature to respond to the dual crises of accelerated biodiversity loss and climate change. Their vision is that at least half of the land, freshwater, and ocean in Canada is permanently protected to sustain nature and people for current and future generations.

We would like to sincerely thank these artists for their talent and for having raised awareness for these important causes that mean so much to them. The My Heart, My Cause T-shirts are all made of organic cotton and are now available in store and online.